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A Reasoning Faith — Exam 7

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A Reasoning Faith — Exam 7

A Reasoning Faith — Exam 7

by Robert A. Laidlaw

Study your lesson carefully before answering the exam questions.

True Or False Questions
Listed below are several statements concerning the information in Lesson 1. After each statement, indicate whether the statement is "True" or "False" (20 points).

1. Ephesians 2:1 teaches that those who have not received spiritual life are dead in trespasses and sins.

2. There is a similarity between a man and a woman receiving one another in marriage and a person receiving Christ as Saviour.

3. The Lord Jesus Christ will be satisfied with second place in our hearts and lives.

4. The Lord Jesus had a great capacity for soul-suffering.

5. Action must follow when a person really comes face to face with Christ.

Multiple Choice Questions
Click the button to the left of the letter that corresponds to the correct or most nearly correct answer (40 points).

6. Accepting Christ as personal Saviour is

7. In order to make salvation possible Christ

8. The reasonable thing for a person to do when faced with the issues of the Gospel is to

9. A person who has truly accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Saviour will

10. The issues involved in receiving or in rejecting Christ as Saviour are

Bible Study Questions

You should use your Bible to answer these questions.

Given below are a series of Scripture references followed by a list of statements covered in Lesson 1. Next to each statement, put the scripture that best supports it from the list provided. (40 points).

a. John 6:37                            e. Galatians 3:13
b. John 11:25-26                     f. Ephesians 2:1
c. Romans 10:9-11                  g. Ephesians 2:8-9
d II Corinthians 5:21                h. Hebrews 2:1-3

11. By natural birth we are "dead in trespasses and sins."


12. God's son was "made sin" for us that we might be made righteous in Him.


13. When a person is truly saved, he should be willing to confess Jesus as Lord.


14. Salvation cannot be obtained by our won works.


15. God warns us against neglecting the salvation He has provided.


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