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A Reasoning Faith — Exam 3

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A Reasoning Faith — Exam 3

A Reasoning Faith — Exam 3

by Robert A. Laidlaw

Study your lesson carefully before answering the exam questions.

True Or False Questions
Listed below are several statements concerning the information in Lesson 1. After each statement, indicate whether the statement is "True" or "False" (20 points).

1. The appearance of Christ in history is so well documented as to be beyond denial.

2. If Jesus Christ is the Son of God then salvation from sin becomes possible.

3. The Lord Jesus was unable to answer the clever men of His day in their attempts to catch Him in His words.

4. Jesus Christ, a good and an honest Man under no hallucinations regarding Himself, positively claimed to be the Son of God.

5. All scholars are infidels and unbelievers in Christ.

Multiple Choice Questions
Click the button to the left of the letter that corresponds to the correct or most nearly correct answer (40 points).

6. When Christ claimed to be God He

7. The true hope of humanity in this troubled world is

8. As Teacher, Healer and Prophet, Christ

9. The Lord Jesus Christ came to this world

Bible Study Questions

You should use your Bible to answer these questions.

Given below are a series of Scripture references followed by a list of statements covered in Lesson 1. Next to each statement, put the scripture that best supports it from the list provided. (40 points).

a. Luke 1:30-35                     e. Hebrews 1:4-6
b. Luke 24:27                         f. Hebrews 9:24
c. John 20:24-28                   g. I Peter 2:21-22
d. I Timothy 1:15                    h. Revelation 3:20

11. The Lord Jesus is God in the absolute sense of the word.


12. Jesus had a human mother but no human father.


13. The Lord Jesus was sinless.


14. Thomas the skeptic acknowledged Jesus as Lord and God.


15. Jesus came into the world to save sinners.


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