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A Reasoning Faith — Exam 6

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A Reasoning Faith — Exam 6

A Reasoning Faith — Exam 6

by Robert A. Laidlaw

Study your lesson carefully before answering the exam questions.

True Or False Questions
Listed below are several statements concerning the information in Lesson 1. After each statement, indicate whether the statement is "True" or "False" (20 points).

1. Christianity fails at its very foundation by basing everything on substitution.

2. The Bible teaches that "God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself."

3. Because Christ's death on the cross is incomplete, we need to add our own good works to it in order to be sure of salvation.

4. A high degree of morality is all that is needed to win the approval of God.

5. There is as much difference between a plant and a diamond as there is between a Christian and an unbeliever.

Multiple Choice Questions
Click the button to the left of the letter that corresponds to the correct or most nearly correct answer (40 points).

6. The "problem" that God resolved in offering salvation by substitution was that of reconciling

7. Salvation by substitution as revealed in the Gospel means that

8. The difference between a highly developed moral man and a Christian is

9. In His teaching concerning the new birth, the Lord Jesus insisted that

10. When a person is "born again" he

Bible Study Questions

You should use your Bible to answer these questions.

Given below are a series of Scripture references followed by a list of statements covered in Lesson 1. Next to each statement, put the scripture that best supports it from the list provided. (40 points).

a. John 1:11-13                        e. II Corinthians 5:21
b. John 10:11                           f. I John 1:8-10
c. John 11:25-26                      g. I John 3:14
d. John 17:4; 19:30                  h. Revelation 20:11-15

11. The person who says he is without sin is deceived.


12. The work of redemption is a finished work.


13. The new birth is brought about by personally receiving Christ into the life as an act of faith.


14. When a person believes in the Lord Jesus, he receives eternal life.


15. One way in which spiritual life manifests itself in the believer's experience is in a love for God's people.


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