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A Reasoning Faith — Exam 4

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A Reasoning Faith — Exam 4

A Reasoning Faith — Exam 4

by Robert A. Laidlaw

Study your lesson carefully before answering the exam questions.

True Or False Questions
Listed below are several statements concerning the information in Lesson 1. After each statement, indicate whether the statement is "True" or "False" (20 points).

1. All sinners stand exposed to the judgment of God.

2. The Bible emphatically states that Jesus alone can save people from sin.

3. One important reason why people resent the preaching of the cross is that it strikes at the roots of human pride.

4. A murderer could reasonably plead before a judge that, because it was ten years since he had committed murder, he should not be punished.

5. The life that Christ laid down on the cross was merely a finite life.

Multiple Choice Questions
Click the button to the left of the letter that corresponds to the correct or most nearly correct answer (40 points).

6. Sincerity is

7. Reformation, as a basis for salvation,

8. Why did Christ have to die?

9. In order to be effective, God's salvation

10. The death of Christ on Calvary's cross

Bible Study Questions

You should use your Bible to answer these questions.

Given below are a series of Scripture references followed by a list of statements covered in Lesson 1. Next to each statement, put the scripture that best supports it from the list provided. (40 points).
a. Proverbs 14:12                    e. Romans 6:23
b. John 8: 34                            f. II Corinthians 5:17
c. John 14:6                             g. Ephesians 2:8-9
d. Romans 5:7-8                      h. I John 2:2

11. There is a way that seems right to a man but its end is fatal.


12. Jesus claimed to be the only way to God.


13. Salvation cannot be earned or merited by our own good works.


14. Christ's death is sufficient for all sinners.


15. Eternal life is offered us as a gift.


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