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Evidence You Never Knew Existed: Why Jesus and the Bible Can Be Trusted — Introduction

Evidence You Never Knew Existed: Why Jesus and the Bible Can Be Trusted — Introduction

Many who read this book may not be familiar with the basic message of the Bible. For this reason, we include a very brief summary of God's plan for humanity as recorded in the Bible, God's proven source book. These Bible facts along with chapter two of this book may enable the reader to make an intelligent decision to personally receive the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Bible teaches that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth .... He created every living thing .... In the day that He created man, He made him in the image and likeness of God. He created them male and female, and blessed them. Then God saw everything that He had made and He pronounced it very good.

However, the Scriptural record goes on to explain that the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, were tempted by the fallen angelic being, Satan, and chose to disobey God. Through this sin they fell from their original state of innocence and were cut off from the fellowship they had enjoyed with a holy God. They died spiritually; physical death followed.

Everything changed at this point. This fall affected the whole human race. A sin nature replaced man's former innocence, and all creation came under the judgment of God.

However, though the human race was now separated from the Creator, God in His love made a provision for man's redemption from the power of sin and death through His Son, Jesus Christ. God's plan as it is gradually unfolded in the Bible, involved the preparation of a special people through whom He revealed His Word so that we may know the true way. In due time God sent His Son, the Messiah, to die in our place and pay the penalty for our sins that God's perfect justice demanded. Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ was crucified, died, and buried. His shed blood on the cross was the atonement for the sins of humanity. His resurrection demonstrated that He was no mere man, but God come in the flesh.

The Scriptures state that salvation is a free gift for those who will accept Christ's death as the complete provision for their forgiveness and reconciliation to God. Christ has assured us that He will come again for His own. Those who have received Him by faith will live with Christ forever and those who reject Him will be separated to everlasting punishment.

Perhaps you question whether the Bible really is the revealed Word of God, as it claims to be. If so, please read chapter one carefully. It presents compelling evidence for the trustworthiness of the Bible.


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